Beer Man

What's in a name? For craft brewers at #GABF, anything goes

There are the cute ("Smokey the Beer," Blind Tiger Brewing in Topeka, Kansas), the mysterious ("Hoodoo Voodoo IPA," Three Creeks Brewing in Sisters, Oregon), the sexy ("Sexual Chocolate," Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina) and everything in between when it comes to beer names spotted and drank at this past weekend's Great American Beer Festival. Below is a sampling of silly beer names being poured at GABF.

There's the unconventional and the geographic: Discord Dark IPA or the malty Super Snow Cap from Pyramid Brewing in Seattle, Washington.

Then there's the obscure and historical: Stamp Act Spring Rye by Natty Greene's Pub & Brewing in Greenesboro, North Carolina.

The mythical: Nectar of the Hops by Redstone Meadery, up the road in Boulder.

The funny: Maddy Light (which finishes with a citrusy feel and presumably not a Natty Light-like hangover), from Madison River Brewing in Belgrade, Montana.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse in Loveland brings us The Fearless Youth (which seems like it could be a band name, but also has its own back-story) as well as the seasonal, Oktoberfest-styled Farmer's Daughter (which seems like it could be a song by that band.)

Speaking of music, how could we forget Great Lakes Brewing's Glockenspiel Weizenbock -- two great words that go great together.

There's the spicy -- thankfully, the pepper sensation doesn't linger too long -- of Super Chili Pepper Madness beer from Mad River Brewing Company in Blue Lake, California.

Returning closer to home, there's the Hoparazzi Black IPA from Dad & Dude's Breweria in Aurora.

While some of these beers have names that will cause your bartender to smirk (if he or she even has the brews available), they stick out enough to get them noticed. What did I miss on this list? Let us know in the comments.