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Breckenridge-Wynkoop CEO Lee Driscoll Talks About Wazee Supper Club's 40th Anniversary

The Wazee Supper Club has been holding down the corner of 15th and Wazee streets for forty years, in a part of town that's seen more change than there are pizza toppings on the Wazee menu. Gone are the viaducts that sent traffic over, instead of through, the part of downtown that's now called LoDo but was once known by less catchy names -- Skid Row being one of the less flattering, if more accurate. The pizza joint, with its checkerboard floor and its dumbwaiter connecting the kitchen below with the balcony seating above, was already fourteen years old when the Lower Downtown Historic District was created in 1988, halting a steady stream of demolitions begun in previous decades and opening the doors for a revitalization that would make it one of Denver's most exciting and defining neighborhoods.

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