Caminito Tango review preview

When Vincente Domingo closed Viejo Domingo, an Argentine spot on West 38th Avenue, his cooks weren't ready to quit making the food of their native country. So they convinced Tirso Abarca, who owns the building, to go into business with them in the same space, offering a menu of specialties from the Southern Hemisphere.

Caminito Tango opened its doors in June.

I was eager to try the restaurant, since I'm almost constantly craving a taste of the country where I lived for six months. So I stopped by when Caminito Tango opened, and recently visited again, sinking my teeth into an array of my favorite dishes. That included a platter of grilled meat done Argentine-style, washed down with plenty of cheap Malbec, the very wine that propelled the country's wine region onto the map.

How was the food? Find out tomorrow, when the review is posted here.