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TRVE Brewing will bottle its first sour beer and begin barrel-aging program

Nick Nunns doesn't worry much about convention.

He likes heavy-metal music, black-and-white photos, Norse letters and unusual beer styles. In fact, when Nunns opened TRVE Brewing in the summer of 2011, one his first creations was Prehistoric Dog, a salted American wheat that almost nobody makes.

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That beer, like his others, are all named after heavy-metal songs, albums or bands that he likes -- music that he plays in the brewery, a long, skinny, patio-less space that resembles a dive bar in appearance, but with a goat's skull hanging above the taps.

So it's no surprise that Nunns's latest endeavor will avoid the norms as well.

Later this month, TRVE will release its first bottled beer, a sour beer called Vexovoid, which will only be sold out of the brewery -- not at liquor stores. It will be the first in a series of sour and wild ales that TRVE will bottle and sell from the brewery.

Although Nunns says bottling was the next logical step for TRVE, he's not planning on having accounts at liquor stores or bars. "All eighty cases will be sold out of the brewery -- except for one case that is going to Fruition," he says.

Vexovoid is TRVE's first sour beer. It was brewed with lacto, which will add a tart flavor, before being boiled off and transferred to a stainless steel tank where Nunns fermented the beer with brettanomyces yeast for about a month.

"It's not a sour bomb. It has a nice balanced tartness, but I didn't want to go over the top," says Nunns, who got advice from two of Colorado's foremost sour beer experts, Jason Yester of Trinity Brewing and Chad Yakobson of Crooked Stave.

It was TRVE's first sour, but it won't be the last. Later this month, Nunns will start a wood- and barrel-aging program, which will be overseen fulltime by Zach Coleman, who has been working for Big Choice Brewing in Broomfield. "We'll start small," Nunns says. "But we're confident now that we can take the next steps."

TRVE already has a 100 percent brett-fermented beer aging in white wine barrels, and will focus on putting beer into red wine barrels and whiskey barrels soon. All of those beers will be bottled and sold from the brewery as well, Nunns says.

Vexovoid (which was named after the latest album from Portal, an Australian metal band) will be released at 2 p.m. September 21. Bottles are $17.

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