Openings and Closings

Roostercat Coffeehouse will be within crowing distance of Rooster & Moon

"'Congratulations! Looks like you guys are opening another store!'" That's how Nicholas Bode, who founded Rooster & Moon Coffee Pub, found out about Roostercat Coffeehouse, which will soon come to roost two blocks away at 1045 Lincoln Street.

"I have mixed feelings," admits Bode, who is now in the curious position of owning one of two Golden Triangle coffee shops that have a rooster in their name and logo. "On one hand, I'm flattered, and I want to see them do well. We wouldn't be where we are if it weren't for places like Crema or Pablo's.... we can't forget that there were people doing it before us."

Colin James Floom and partner Autumn Green started calling themselves "Team Roostercat" back when they were planning to open a coffee shop on East Colfax, and the name stuck even when the location switched to Lincoln Street. "I love the Rooster & Moon, and I've spent a lot of time there," says Floom, but he believes that his shop will set itself apart.

"We're separate enough that I don't think it'll be a problem," he adds. For one thing, there's the coffee: Roostercat will use organic, fair-trade coffee from Denver roaster Coda Coffee, while Rooster & Moon brews coffee from Thornton-based Allegro, which distributes nationally. And Roostercat will have three patios to Rooster & Moon's one.

"It's going to cause confusion among our guests," Bode admits. "But my only real fear is that they'll serve crappy coffee."

Because bottom line, both men agree on one thing: An independently owned java shop is always a good thing. "In an ideal world, I'd have a coffee shop on every corner, privately owned," says Floom.

"I wish them the best, and there's plenty of room," concludes Bode.