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Reader: That British Bulldog review was a dog!

No good deed goes unpunished. While we've been looking for a new restaurant reviewer, Jenn Wohletz has been lending a hand, writing full-length pieces that play off her "Jenn in Chains" posts on Cafe Society. Last week, for example, she took on the British Bulldog, one of nineteen links in Little Pub Company, a homegrown chain. The Bulldog is an undeniably great bar -- it got its start as the Punch Bowl -- but its food is uneven. As Wohletz suggested in her British Bulldog review, while you can't go wrong with the bangers, the bar should pack in its Pakistani fare.

But ybarcewski probably didn't get that far in the piece. She writes:

So we open with a discussion of hair of the dog, then we move into unappetizing descriptions and picture the looks like some part of the dog all right but it for sure isn't the hair. These reviews just get better and better each week. At least it doesn't take up too much of my time because I'm still skipping most of it.

Prepare to have much more of your time sucked up soon: Our new restaurant reviewer will debut the first week of September; we'll make the announcement on Cafe Society later this morning.