Openings and Closings

B.U.F.F. Brothers opening Boone's Tavern in former Smugs spot

B.U.F.F. Brothers sold four of its bars -- College Inn, Gibby's, Dirk's and Pifler's -- to the Little Pub Company last year, keeping only FuNuGyz in Parker.

But B.U.F.F. is already rebuilding its bar empire. The group opened the University of Colorado-themed Ralphie's (not to be confused with the new Ralphie's in Boulder) in Louisville last year, and Noonan's Tavern in Aurora last March. Now it's taken over the space at 1135 East Evans Avenue that had been the horribly named Smugs (and was Fagan's for decades before that). After buffing up the place, B.U.F.F. plans to re-open it in November as Boone's Tavern.