Word of Mouth

Who's calling? Pints Pub phone booth gets a makeover

Pints Pub claims to have the largest collection of single-malt whisky outside of Britain. The twenty-year-old Golden Triangle mainstay also has plenty of authentic English paraphernalia, including a British phone booth in front of the building. Which last week got a new outfit, in honor of Doctor Who's fiftieth anniversary. See also: Best Single-Malt Scotch list in 2012 goes to Pints Pub

Owner Scott Diamond says he was contacted about three weeks ago by a crafty yarn-bomber, who asked for permission to transform the phone booth in honor of Doctor Who's fiftieth.

"That phone box is one of the most photographed places in Denver to start with -- if I had a quarter for every photo taken of the phone box, I wouldn't need to have a restaurant," says Diamond.

And since it got its new look ten days ago, the phone box has been stopping traffic as people scramble to take photographs.

Diamond promises that the outfit will stay on until it gets too soggy from snow -- or maybe the cops start complaining about all the traffic snarls.

This wasn't the only nifty knitting project to appear in Denver recently, and it definitely has outlasted the new look that one of the Borofsky "Dancers" got last weekend. But unlike the Doctor Who phone booth, though, the Colorado Speedo -- created by Kyle Williams -- was unauthorized, and gone within a day.

It was fun while it lasted, though: Take a look: