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Reader: Denver Restaurant Week is over, so it's time for servers to help themselves

Cafe Society was already giving EatDenver decks to the best/worst Denver Restaurant Week stories (read the entries here), but our bonus offer of an EatDenver deck for the server who serves up the best story about surviving Denver Restaurant Week set off warning bells for SmokingLoon:

Oh-oh, here comes the shit show!

So far, though, servers have shown themselves much better behaved than many of the diners who took advantage of the $52.80 deals. In the week since we accepted a server's challenge to give an EatDenver deck to a restaurant worker as thanks for their hard work during DRW, we've heard nary a discouraging word. Remember, the award goes to the best story -- good or bad.

So start spilling, servers: You've earned a reward. Deadline is 5 p.m. Friday.

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