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Strange Brewing gets its Facebook page back as part of legal settlement

As part of its legal settlement with a similarly named homebrewing shop in Massachusetts, Denver's Strange Brewing Company got its Facebook page back today.

Strange had been using another page that it created, the cheekily-named That Brewery on Zuni, since last June when a trademark dispute between the brewery and Strange Brew Beer and Wine Making boiled over into the social media realm.

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"WE'RE BACK!!!! After eight months in Limbo, the Strange Brewing Company Facebook page is up and running again! Stay tuned in the coming weeks and months as we make some exciting changes at Strange!," the first post reads.

The dispute began in September 2012, when a lawyer for Brian Powers, the homebrew shop's owner, sent a letter to the brewery demanding that it stop using the Strange Brewing name because it infringed on his trademark. Powers owns the rights to the name when it comes to both production and retail sales of beer. After over-the-phone negotiations, Strange Brewing co-owner Tim Myers decided to take the offensive, asking the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to cancel the homebrew shop's rights to the trademark because the company may never have actually produced a commercial beer.

A few months later, in June, Powers told Facebook that "we were infringing on their trademark, so Facebook took down our page," Myers said then. So Myers asked his lawyer to give the homebrew shop a taste of its own medicine -- and both companies ended up losing their Facebook pages.

Strange Brew Beer and Wine Making has also gotten its page back, although it is now called Strange Brew Home Brew; it also offered a conciliatory message: "We'd like to thank all of the customers and supporters that have stood by both Strange Brew and Strange Brewing through this trademark dispute. Our loyal customer bases have kept both companies encouraged and in good spirits throughout this process. Stay tuned for some Strange changes...As a bonus, we'd like to offer FREE SHIPPING to our loyal customers in Colorado and Massachusetts until February 14, 2014."

Although the legal battle appears to be over, the two companies have said that additional details of the settlement will be made public in coming weeks, and hinted that there may be some changes coming for both.

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