Word of Mouth

Red Robin adds another ingredient-laden burger to its menu -- for a good cause

Red Robin's onion straws and teriyaki glaze, fried eggs and garlic Parmesan butter kind of give us a headache. At the very least, they make us want to shout, "Where's the beef!" You've practically got to cross your eyes a la "Where's Waldo" to find a regular old burger on the menu.

A recent addition to the menu line-up is no exception to the more-the-merrier theory of hamburger toppings aggressively promoted by the Colorado-based chain.The new spicy, honey-glazed bacon burger comes topped with Havarti, honey-cayenne mayo, lettuce and tomato, along with the aforementioned honey glaze (save the bees!) and strips of applewood-smoked bacon.

The latest tongue-twisting creation, however, wasn't the brainchild of Red Robin culinary wizards (though we bet four-plus toppings were a prerequisite for consideration), but a ten-year-old girl from Washington. Judges winnowed out Emma Potts's recipe from more than 11,000 applicants and named her the winner of the chain's fourth annual Kids' Cook-Off Championship.

Fifty cents from each purchase of Emma Potts's winning burger will go to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The burger, which became available earlier this week, will be on Red Robin menus until September 12.

The contest's top 50 recipes, including Potts's and a chicken taco salad burger (but of course!), are featured in a cookbook available for free on the restaurant's website.

Apparently more than a few are on board with Red Robin's approach. Consumers recently named the chain as their second favorite casual restaurant, tied with Texas Roadhouse.

The Cheesecake Factory, to our horror, came in first.