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Guess where I'm eating? Before and after

Jonesy's EatBar has some great fries. The mac-and-cheese fries in particular, served with a nice sprinkling of bacon on top. At the moment, they are probably my favorite fries in the city.

The picture above? It shows my second favorite fries in the city -- smothered with green chile, topped with shredded cheese and studded with sliced jalapenos. If you've been paying any sort of attention, you ought to know precisely where I'm eating...

Then again, if I've learned anything over the past seven years and change, it's that there are very few people in the world who pay as close attention to things like french fries, cheeseburgers and sushi as I do. So for those of you who might need a little extra help, I've included a second picture--one of what the plate looked like after I was done.