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Reader: Hipster Faux Gastropubs Are the New Cupcake Stores

More than forty new restaurants and bars opened in July -- and one of them, Provisions Chophaus & Drinkery, which opened in the busy block of 1500 Blake Street, barely lasted a week. "Unfortunately due to one bad apple we have to close the doors," said Provisions's Facebook posting announcing the end. But readers have other theories about what caused the demise of Provisions. See also: Over Forty New Spots Join the Denver Dining Scene: Our Restaurant Roll Call for July

Says Peter:

Yeah that has hipster tragedy written all over it. Horrible name.
Says Tim:
You would be better off opening a Mexican restaurant on Rederal. That street has way too many places already.
Says Rob:
Hipster faux gastropubs are the new cupcake stores
Says davebarnes:
I blame the ampersand in the name.
For many more theories, see our post on the closing of Provisions. What kind of restaurant do you think could survive at 1555 Blake Street? Post your thoughts below.