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No Reservations crew spotted in Denver -- but no Anthony Bourdain

Two years ago, Anthony Bourdain dropped in on Denver, where he waxed rhapsodic about the blood sausage at Mizuna and wrapped his jaws around wieners at Biker Jim's, the footage of which was nicely packaged in an episode of No Reservations.

And if the sightings of Bourdain's film production crew, which were gallivanting around town last weekend, are any indication, then it sounds like Bourdain will be featuring the Mile High City in an upcoming episode.

Mandi Clement, who, along with her husband, Tony, are running Roam, the former Wild Catch, were in the house on Saturday night, when Bourdain's crew waltzed in for dinner asking for a five-top. "They were great, really conversational and they really loved Tony's food," says Mandi, adding that "they ate everything on their plate." And while Mandi says the faction didn't reveal why they were roaming around Denver, we've gotten tips that they were here to scout Denver's barbecue scene. Really?

Barbecue? In Denver?

Green chile, yes. But barbecue?

In any event, Bourdain was nowhere to be seen -- and, in fact, nowhere near Denver.

Instead, Bourdain, according to the above tweet, was cruising around the streets of Baja, shoving tostadas from a street cart down this throat. Lucky son-of-a-bitch. Still, the fact that his crew was in town leads us to believe that something's afoot.

If you have insight into where Bourdain's crew was shooting over the weekend, by all means, share.