Cafe Society

Guess where I'm eating?

At this relatively new Mexican restaurant, the menu is a mash-up of the usual suspects -- carne asada, burritos, fajitas and huevos rancheros -- and more interesting south-of-the-border foodstuffs like posole poblano, nopales and shrimp ceviche, the shout-out dish in the above photo. Splashed with fresh citrus juices and vivid with cilantro, tomatoes, half moons of avocado and specks of jalapeno, it was delicious -- and exactly what I was in the mood to eat.

Just one problem: It took an hour for the bowl to travel from the kitchen to our table -- the only occupied table in the dining room -- and by then, I'd already plowed through two baskets of housemade salted chips, six salsa refills and a pitcher of lime water. My mood had gone from good to grumpy.

Still, I'd come here again, both for the ceviche and the chilaquiles (excellent). And if you can guess where I'm eating, you can get there first, order, wait it out, and call me when the food is on the table. I live close.