Word of Mouth

Pizzeria Basta churns seasonal ice cream to go with seasonal menu

A few weeks back, Boulder's Pizzeria Basta, 3601 Arapahoe Avenue, upped the ante on its menu, offering sous vide and wood-fire oven entrees in addition to its list of thin-crust pies.

The pizza-maker also added new desserts this summer, including a line of house-made ice creams, which are rich, airy and a perfect end to a feast.

Staple scoops include a husky, addictive Stone smoked porter, and smoked vanilla bean, which chef-owner Kelly Whitaker makes by dropping hot coals into the ice cream base. After those coals are strained out, the flavor of the 800-degree oven remains. Both are uniquely delicious alone, but best when paired with after-dinner espresso.

Whitaker is also making batches of seasonal scoops with produce he gets from his urban garden and local farms. Like fennel, which imparts an anise flavor to the mix. And right now, he's awash with spearmint, so he's integrating that into his list of offerings.