Openings and Closings

Gordo Loco is bringing 98 cent burritos to northwest Denver

Looks like the old bungalow at 2637 West 26th Street that was the first home of La Loma, then went on to house ventures ranging from Cafe International to Bali Island to La Fabula to the Shooting Star coffeehouse, finally has a new tenant.

Coming soon to this spot: Gordo Loco, which boasts that it features the world's greatest 98 cent burrito.

That could start a burrito war, since this area already has the best selection of cheap breakfast burritos in town. Just up the street, Araujo's serves a pretty good 99 cent breakfast burrito (and has just added a buffet). And for an extra buck, you can get a superb breakfast burrito around the corner at Santiago's or the original Jack-n-Grill.

In addition to that 98 cent burrito, Gordo Loco also promises to serve twenty other kinds of burritos, as well as a 1.5 pound Gordo Loco Burger.