That's LYFE: How I Decided What to Review This Week

People might think I choose what to review based on what I feel like eating. But many factors go into my decision -- and what I want to eat is usually at the bottom of the list. With the frenetic pace of openings these days, there's an endless number of hot, new restaurants to visit, and I'm always considering those -- after the traditional three-month waiting-period, of course. But to focus on all things new doesn't provide a fair assessment of our scene, so I also like to revisit more established restaurants worthy of another look, as last week's review of Barolo Grill can attest. See also: First look at LYFE Kitchen Cuisine plays a part in the decision, because even if burger joints and craft breweries are opening in disproportionate numbers, they wouldn't be fun to read about week in, week out. Price point and geographical location are also important, because our readers live and work all over town and are looking as much for scoop on where to go for a quick weeknight dinner as where to celebrate a big anniversary or event.

The last factor is one I enjoy the most: readers' requests. And lately, I've received a lot of requests to review healthy restaurants, specifically ones that are not in central Denver.

So all you salad-loving, quinoa-crunching, grass-fed beef eaters out there, this is your week. Find out what I thought of LYFE Kitchen, an overtly health-conscious chain out of California that opened this summer in Park Meadows, when my review is posted here tomorrow.