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My Brother's Bar featured tonight on Travel Channel's Food Paradise

Earlier this year, the crew of Food Paradise traveled the country in search of "the belly-busting best places to get your burger on -- from a heart-stopping monster burger in Las Vegas, to cheese-stuffed burgers in Minnesota and wild game gut-bombs in Texas."

To the JCB at My Brother's Bar in Denver. And tonight, My Brother's -- which occupies a space that's been a bar since the 1880s, making it the oldest in the city -- will get a much deserved moment in the spotlight when "Hamburger Paradise 2" airs on the Travel Channel. See also: - Oh, Brother! Denver's oldest bar has a bad case of sibling rivalry. - My Brother's Bar: Best After-Midnight Menu 2012

Here's the show's description of the featured My Brother's burger on the Travel Channel website:

Restaurant My Brother's Bar

The jalapeno cream cheese burger has become a cult sensation in Denver, and you can find it on the menu at just about every burger joint in the city. But locals say the best in town are grilled up at the oldest and most eclectic bar in Denver.

2376 15th St Denver, CO 80202

We'd have to quibble with the categorization of the jalapeno cream cheese burger as a "cult sensation" in Denver, because while plenty of burger joints offer jalapenos as a topping, and Biker Jim's has made people crave cream cheese on sausages, we haven't found another spot in town that serves anything close to the JCB at My Brother's Bar.

But as for the "oldest and most eclectic bar" in Denver? We'll drink to that. And plan to tonight, when the show airs at 8 p.m. on the Travel Channel. But don't count on watching it at My Brother's: The place may have great cheeseburgers and even greater atmosphere, but it does not have televisions.

It does, however, have a letter from Neal Cassady, asking a buddy to pay off his bar tab at a previous occupant of this space. And the beat goes on...