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Reader: Five Star Burgers looks lame, but now I can't wait to try it

While Gretchen Kurtz was eating a $13 burger at Tom's Urban 24, Jenn Wohletz dropped by a link in the tiny Five Star Burgers chain. "The green chile cheeseburger was an exercise in Southwestern excess and ecstasy, with a fat, medium-rare burger that dripped pinky beef juice, smothered with diced green chiles, covered with a slab of melted pepperjack cheese and the bottom bun spread with green chile mayo," she reports. "Every bite was better than the one before."

That left one reader hungering for more. See also: - Five Star Burgers earns its stars with Hatch green chile -- and deep-fried banana bread - Five Star Burgers grills up a five-star veggie patty - Reader: $13 for a friggin' cheeseburger?

Says k_laneaux:

This is really interesting. I drive by this place all the time and always thought it was just some lame, corporate vendor of frozen beef patties or something. Let's be honest, the decor doesn't suggest otherwise. Good burgers and milkshakes are one of my favorite things in the world. I can't wait to try this place.

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