Word of Mouth

Monday Funday not so fun at H Burger CO

Searching for a lunch venue for a friendly reunion today, I was pleased to stumble upon H Burger Co's Facebook page, touting the advent of Monday Funday. Echoing H Burger's Tuesday deals, Mondays at the five-month-old burger joint, 1555 Blake Street, now feature a new list of specials, including $1 off quarter-pound burgers, 50 cent wings and some drink deals, like $2 PBR and $5 domestic pitchers. Perfect, I thought, I'll ask my friend to meet me there.

Big mistake. Guess what wasn't fun about Monday Funday? The owners forgot to tell the staff that it exists.

I asked the host about the deal when I sat down, and she scurried off to try to figure it out. When she timidly asked what I'd heard, I pulled up the Facebook page -- and an invitation that had been sent to over 4,000 people -- to educate her on her eatery's new deals. And then she replied that sometimes the owners forget to tell the staff about what they post on Facebook.

I might have let it lie -- I was there at the beginning of the very first ever Monday Funday, after all -- but when I got my check, I'd been charged the regular $6.95 price for my quarter-pound hamburger. I'm not one to haggle over a buck, but come on. Seriously?