Openings and Closings

Lola closed for a three-day facelift

There will be no cheap tacos at Lola tonight. The LoHi mainstay closed after brunch yesterday for a quick renovation project that is supposed to be completed in time for the restaurant to reopen late Wednesday afternoon. "Lola gets a lot of traffic, so there are parts that need a little attention," says Jamey Fader, the chef at Lola when it originally opened on South Pearl, a part-owner in the restaurant and now the culinary head of Big Red F. "We're no longer a baby by any means." See also: The ten best brunch spots in Denver

So Lola is getting a three-day facelift. Over the seven years that Lola has been in one of the original Olinger mortuary buildings, "There hasn't been a lot of thought to the big picture," Fader says, so they're doing that thinking now. "Lola is at a point in her maturity that she has to stay relevant," he adds. "I want to go in and have a little different feel, a little more excitement.

Lola is getting a new floor, new red tile in the open kitchen, new paint, new art by photographer Larry Laszlo. Diners should notice that it's "a little tighter, a little sexier," Fader notes.

After the interior changes are made and Lola has reopened, Fader will also get to work on the menu, "to push the food in the same direction." Watch for those changes in the next few weeks.