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Have a heart...shaped pizza from Mile High Pizza Pie

Mile High Pizza Pie, the downtown pizzeria currently hustling a 7.5-pound calzone that, should you successfully stuff it down your piehole, will likely cause your heart to stop, is offering a gentler, kinder Valentine's Day pizza to make your heart beat faster. For the remainder of the day, the pie palace is dishing out sixteen-inch heart-shaped pizzas, starting at $14, that you can eat-in, order out or have delivered to the comfort of your vibrating bed.

"We'll put whatever toppings on it that a customer wants," says manager Dino Marchig, adding that he'll even use his squeeze bottle full of pizza sauce to squiggle sweet nothings on your pie -- at no extra charge. "I've been in pizzerias my whole life and I've always loved playing with heart-shaped pizzas, and I think the ones we're doing today are turning out really well."

To get your pizza love on, call 720-974-9777.

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