Dive into Dive on Fifteenth today

That was fast. A few days ago, we were talking about Men's Journal citing downtown's "deliberately vey" bars -- and wondering just where those bars were. Today, Dive on Fifteenth will make its deliberately divey debut in the former home of Tryst, which closed just last weekend.

Owner Paul Piciocchi is moving the Tryst concept to Playa del Carmen, and has repackaged the space at 1512 Lawrence Street (in Writer Square) as Dive on Fifteenth, with the slogan "Lodo in a Blender." The space has been updated, and the announcement of today's opening promises that "all the stuff you loved is still here...staff, strawberry vodka, good music, strong drinks..."

And $3 spins of the shot wheel!

Piciocchi also owns Rack & Rye, Mix Lounge and the Drink, just a block away at 1320 15th Street.