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Part two: Chef and Tell with Aaron Youngblood from Dixons Downtown Grill

Aaron Youngblood Executive Chef Dixons Downtown Grill 1610 16th Street 303-573-6100

This is part two of Lori Midson's interview with Aaron Youngblood, executive chef of Dixons Downtown Grill. Read part one of Midson's interview with Youngblood.

Rules of conduct in your kitchen: Be on time; work clean; respect your peers; maintain professionalism even when you're away from the restaurant; be accountable for your actions; and do everything exactly as I show you. I have an ahi tuna dish on the lunch and dinner menu that's got three sauces on it, and I'm old-fashioned in that I line them up side by side. It's easy for me, but some of the guys can't do it, and I've totally lost my cool because of it. If they don't hit the sauces with the toothpick just right, I'll make them redo it. I'm the same way about slicing the club sandwich on the diagonal and cutting it into four pieces. It has to be cut perfectly on the bias, otherwise I'll throw it away. All that said, I encourage goofing off and having fun -- as long as the work's getting done.