Word of Mouth

Sloppy Joes at McCain headquarters

Those wacky Republicans! The McCain-Palin Colorado campaign is hosting its seventh -- and final -- Iron Chef phone bank this evening, starting at 5 p.m. at the Centennial headquarters.

This week's special ingredient is "Sloppy Joes," in honor of Joe the Plumber. Phone-bank participants are encouraged to bring homemade dishes that feature Sloppy Joe mix; the winner of the cook-off will receive an exclusive McCain-Palin T-shirt.

The special ingredients in the six previous competitions, as listed by the McCain campaign office:

Lemon, for Barack Obama's comment that "bitter" Americans from small towns cling to "guns and religion."

Wild game, to honor the Western heritage and culture embraced by Governor Sarah Palin, whom Barack Obama mocked as a "governor, mother, moose-shooter."

Pork, for Obama's requesting nearly $1 billion in earmarks and pork-barrel spending for his state.

Charcoal, chosen after for Biden called for "No coal plants here in America," when coal accounts for 72 precent of Colorado's electricity needs.

Pineapple, to honor special celebrity judge Governor. Linda Lingle, who questioned Obama's understanding of the West and rural issues after he made the comment that he understands the West because he is from Hawaii.

Corn, for Barack Obama's connection to ACORN, with its "advocacy for the very type of home loans that have led to today's financial crisis."

No need to worry about the Democrats copying this caper. As Jason Sheehan detailed here, Barack Obama volunteers favor vegetarian fare.