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Steve Horner has a new crusade: Kid's deals at restaurants. Watch out, Chuck E. Cheese!

Steve Horner, the anti-ladies' night crusader who gave Denver bars fits a few years ago when he complained about their deals for women, has moved on to Las Vegas, where he's filed complaints against six casinos, arguing that their free pool party offers for women are discriminatory.

A new law that takes effect October 1 in Nevada would offer legal protection for such deals. So Horner is already scoping out a new target: kid's meals. As outlined in his missive below, he's planning to use the same tactic he's employed at places offering ladies-only deals: He'll show up at restaurants offering deals for kids, and ask for the same deal for his 63-year-old self.

Watch out, Chuck E. Cheese! Here are the details:

Yes, I did "attempt" to enter each pool party in person, and in each case I had my tape recorder rolling (mike in hat)..When the doorperson told me the disparity in price, I followed the suggestions of the State's civil-rights director and asked:"So, can I get in for the price of a woman?" In all cases the answer was "no," usually followed by them chuckling at my "stupidity."

I then filed each of my six cases with the Department and am waiting for their next move.

Obviously, I think their law is totally unconstitutional. I mean, after all, where are my "equal protection under the law" rights? When I visited with one of the sponsors of the bill, he told me he didn't even realize the amendment for allowing gender-pricing was in the bill. I truly believe there is a chance there was money exchanged to Senator Sheila Leslie and the Nevada Resort Association for shoving the bill through. Most of the "white-hat" legislators signed onto the bill because it was promoted as an equal-rights bill for transgenders. I don't think even the governor knew of the exemption for promotions.

So, I'm filing charges right and left, and asking $2,000 damages in each case between now and October 1, when the bill goes into effect. If, by that time, I can't find a sponsor to repeal the bill, then I'll find myself discriminated against again and see if I can find a lawyer to file a constitutional-rights-violation against the State. Meanwhile, I'll file sexual-orientation violations as will be permitted with the new bill.

After all, Patty, I can be a woman for a day, and who's to say I'm not (that's how pathetically stupid it is to write in particular rights for those who already have their constitutional rights).

Also, in Nevada "age" is a protected-class, as is gender, religion,etc. So all those members of the Nevada Resort Association will be on my hit list when I try to secure children's prices at their restaurants and find myself discriminated against for my age.

So, I'm having a ball stirring up the dust while standing tall for my civil rights, and hope the civil-rights people press the defendants for a few bucks for me.

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