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Denver tippers are the most generous in the country, survey says

If you're a waiter working in Denver, you're doing better than servers in the rest of the country: According to new stats, this city's diners tip an average of 16.8 percent, the highest percentage for any city in the country. And if you're a Denver diner, give yourself a pat on the back.

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Based on an analysis done by Square, Denver ranks at the top for average tip percentage, easily beating the national average of 16.1 percent.

While Square notes that the data only considers credit-card tips, not cash, the numbers might not be 100 percent accurate -- but 16.8 percent is still not bad for a table's worth of work.

While Denver was the top tipping city, Colorado was not the top state. In fact, it didnt' even crack the top 10. Colorado placed twelfth, with 60.8 percent of customers tipping, and an average statewide tip of 16.5 percent. The top state for tipping was Alaska. Delaware placed last, with only 37.9 percent of customers leaving an average 14 percent tip.