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Wake up and smell the coffee: Snooze opens today in Boulder

Beginning at 7 a.m. this morning, early-rising college kids from the University of Colorado stumbled into Snooze, the fifth outpost from brothers Adam and John Schlegel, who opened the original Snooze, a breakfast and lunch joint commanding mind-blowing waits, in the Ballpark 'hood in 2006.

Since then, the duo has gone on to build Snooze locations on Colorado Boulevard, Streets at SouthGlenn and Fort Collins, but Boulder, says Adam, has been on the radar for years.

"We've been looking to open a Snooze in Boulder forever, and John and I are Colorado kids who love this town," says Adam. "Pearl Street is so iconic to Colorado, and Boulder is a community-oriented, foodie place with such amazing energy and enthusiasm. We couldn't be happier to be here."

The space, which has been home to several restaurants in the past, looks similar to the other Snoozes, but whereas those are laid out like "bowling alleys," jokes Adam, this one is square. "It's beautiful, with super-huge ceilings, floor-to-ceiling front windows and lots of natural light -- so much light, in fact, that I'm not sure we even need to turn the lights on." And, like the other Snoozes, this one has a bar and a twenty-seat sidewalk patio.

The primary difference between this Snooze and the others, is in the menu. "It's the same overall menu, but this opening has motivated us to expand on our vegan options, and some of the great local products coming out of Boulder are serving as inspiration for additions to future menus," says Spencer Lomax, exec chef of the Snooze on Colorado Boulevard. "Our Boulder chef is the talented Aaron Widom, a veteran of Ya Ya's and Samba Room," he adds.

"It's fun to see how we've grown and learned along the way," says Adam, "and with every new store, there's a different clientele with different needs, and I can't even begin to tell you how many e-mails we've received over the past few months from people asking us to offer vegan dishes, so we're accommodating that."

And soon, the Schlegel brothers will be accommodating the egg-and-pancake crowds in San Diego, when they unleash their first Snooze outside of Colorado. That Snooze, located in the vibrant Hillcrest neighborhood, an enclave that's reminiscent of Capitol Hill, will open on November 18. "John worked at a sushi restaurant in La Jolla, I've lived in San Diego on and off, and for us, it's like a second home, plus we found the right guy -- a friend of John's -- to help run it, we found the right landlord, we found the right space, and we love the neighborhood, which is full of personality and great local flair," explains Adam.

If it's successful, he continues, then he and John will consider opening more. "California is a big state with a lot of opportunity and room to grow, and we love what we do -- and we do it well -- so if everything goes well, then we'll see about opening a few more."