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Reader: Your list of good wine lists was super cool, your headline was not

Denver is blessed with many great restaurants -- some modest, some considerably more ambitious -- and yesterday, Kendra Anderson served up six moderately-priced restaurants that happen to have very impressive wine lists.

Their wine lists night be "super cool," but the rest of the post's headline was not.

Writes Wade Sears:

I now know why the Denver restaurant scene is so screwed up. Of the places listed here that I have been to, only mellow mushroom would qualify as "fast casual" anywhere else in the U.S. These are all bars/pubs with food. And I can't really vouch for Mellow Mushroom, since the last time I went there was the original location in Atlanta -- when the' shroom was a Boulder dream: hippies serving organic pizza - no beer, no wine; hell, no bar!

A fast casual place is Biker Jim's, Illegal Pete's or Anthony's Pizza.

The Denver restaurant scene isn't screwed up, Wade: This headline was, and I've changed it to better reflect the content of Kendra's excellent list of wine lists. My apologies!