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Reader: Celebrity Chef Tour has jumped the shark -- where's Henry Winkler?

Celebrity chefs are winging into Colorado for this weekend's Aspen Food & Wine festival, and one lands in Denver today: Amanda Cohen, chef-owner of Dirt Candy, a renowned vegetarian restaurant in New York, will be at Linger tonight as part of the Celebrity Chef Tour, a moveable feast that crosses America to honor the late James Beard.

Cohen will be cooking with local chefs Frank Bonanno (Mizuna, Luca D'Italia and many more), Eric Skokan (Black Cat Bistro and Bramble and Hare), and Daniel Asher, Samm Sherman and Justin Cucci, all from both Linger and Root Down; Renegade Lunch Lady Ann Cooper will also be on hand.

Don't expect Celebrity Curmudgeon Tim to be in the audience.

He writes:

Fun Fact about the Celebrity Chef Tour I want to know: When does Henry Winkler and the "Hollywood: Part 3-Celebrity Chef Tour" hit Denver? I want to enjoy a re-invented Arnold's Drive-In menu as a fawning and completely oblivious crowd officially witnesses the jumping of the Celebrity Chef shark. Celebrity Food Editor Lori can emcee and Celebrity Reviewer Extraordinaire Dave Barnes can recap the evening.

Could Tim just be a sore loser because he didn't win our contest for a seat at the Celebrity Chef Tour table? Or has this whole celebrity business gone too far? Post your thoughts below...and see you at Arnold's.