LoDo's Rio: Is it really like "shooting cougars in a barrel"?

After reading Adam Cayton-Holland's hilarious (and quite principled!) column, "How Adam Cayton-Holland survived a cougar attack!," which chronicles his fending off a cougar at a recent comedy event, I found myself Googling "cougar." I came across a hilarious web site devoted to the subject. Among other features, the site,, includes a directory of so-called "cougar dens" -- bars and clubs where young men can go hunting for, and be hunted by, old-ish dames looking to score some young-ish ass.

It lists several in Colorado, most of which are, not surprisingly, in Ski Country. But my favorite listing is for Rio Grande, in LoDo. Here's the description, apparently penned by someone who's had success there:

To hunt or be hunted, the Rio offers excellent Cadillac cougar hunting for those who like the hunt. Happy Hour is the time to go if you like shooting cougars in a barrel, it is that easy (3 cougars to every young buck). For the young bucks who like to be chased down and torn apart by a trans-am cougar this is also the place. Beware Cougars at the Rio often hunt in pairs and if lucky enough you may be drug home by not one but two hungry cougars. At the Rio they have a limit on the number of Margarita's one can drink for the safety of cougar prey.

Seriously? Has anyone confirmed this? And: Are there other Cougar Dens in the Denver Metro Area? Inquiring cubs want to know.