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Feed Denver selected to be part of the Campaign for Urban Farming

Last week, we reported Feed Denver's winter plans to build structures and continue its farming right into the cold months. Now, the organization might get some help.

Bonterra Vineyards, a large organic wine producer in Mendocino County, and Growing Power, a Milwaukee-based urban farming and education organization, just launched the Campaign for Urban Farming, which will donate $20,000 to urban farms across the country. The stipulation: the organizations that want funding have to raise a substantial pool of funds from a large group of donors in a short amount of time.

The large group of donors is essential because Bonterra and Growing Power also want to engage communities in supporting urban farming, and this gives local organizations the incentive to do it.

Feed Denver was the only Colorado project selected. It's charged with finding fifty donors to raise a total of $4,000 before October 10. If it does so, that money will be matched by a grant from the winery and non-profit, and the funds will go to supplies and education for farmers and the community.

For more information on Feed Denver's participation in this challenge, go to the Global Giving website.