Five great breakfasts that are worth the early morning rise

If we're to believe our mothers who constantly shoved toast into our hands on our way out the door before school, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is more than just sustenance, though: It's another meal to indulge your gastronomic cravings. To appease your mother and your tastebuds, we've amassed a list of five breakfast greats around town.

Best breakfast to get rid of a weekday hangover: Santiago's breakfast burrito; various locations.

In our days of making poor drinking decisions, there have been moments when we thought if we could only make it out for a plate of starch and grease, we'd be on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, weekday mornings don't always afford such luxuries as long greasy breakfasts, so when we're trying to clear our heads on our way to work, we head to Santiago's for a foil-wrapped egg and chorizo breakfast burrito. Spicy, savory and piping hot, it does the trick, at least until we can down a bottle of Advil and drink a pot of coffee.

Best complementary accoutrement to a breakfast food: Lucile's buttermilk biscuit; various locations.

These light, fluffy biscuits, best when laden with homemade jam and plenty of butter, are big enough to satiate all on their own. But lest you worry about passing up your eggs and hash at one of the several Front Range locations, these delightful baked goods are served alongside most breakfast dishes on the menu.

Best breakfast for proving that you're an adult and you do what you want: Snooze's s'more French toast; various locations.

If you're feeling particularly bitter about all those times your mother refused to let you eat cake for breakfast, you can exult in your adulthood by ordering a breakfast product so laden with sugar it practically incites a diabetic coma on the spot. This French toast is coated in graham crackers and topped with gooey chocolate and marshmallows. Syrup definitely not necessary.

Best breakfast spot for shutting up a friend who swears good bagels (or bialys) don't exist outside of New York: Deli Tech; 8101 East Belleview Avenue.

Deli Tech's bagels are soft, light and fresh, best when eaten hot and smeared with a dab of cream cheese. We're also into their bialys, which are a lot like bagels in concept, but lighter and have a depression in the middle instead of a hole. That hollowed-out spot is filled with onions and garlic and other things to make your breath smell great.

Best use of hollandaise: Eggs Benedict at Devil's Food Bakery's; 1024 South Gaylord Street.

The generous ladle of creamy, tangy sauce is a great finishing touch, but the perfectly poached egg, thin slices of lightly crisped ham, and subtly sweet toasty challah make this dish not just the best use of hollandaise in the Mile High City, but arguably the best eggs Benedict in the city.