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Wellshire Inn concessionaires on the outs with city

Former Westword scribe Jared Jacang Maher has more good scoop on the city's deal -- or lack thereoff -- with the Wellshire Inn, the facility at a city-owned golf course that isn't bringing the city a penny.

In fact, the concessionaries who have the contract on the Wellshire -- a deal between Larry Atler and Howard Torgrove that dates back to 1976 -- haven't paid the city rent for two years, Maher reports, "while other concessionaires at some of Denver's seven other public golf courses dole out between $20,000 and $132,480 in annual payments to the city."

"We have a property of considerable stature and value," Chris Nevitt, Denver City Council president, told Maher. "We should be maximizing our revenue from that, not to mention providing a cool venue for people to have events and eat. And it's doing nothing for us right now. If we're in business with someone who can't get it done, then we need to be in business with someone who can."

There's more, lots more, about the Wellshire, which you can read in Maher's story on

Leo Goto used to run the Wellshire Inn with Atler and Torgrove -- but he has his own problems these days, since his Riverfront restaurant abruptly shut down.

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