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Photos: Saturday's food truck showcase rolled out a new fleet of pavement grub slingers

There's a new fleet of street-food slingers in town, several of which made their debut on Saturday during Denver's first Food Truck Showcase, a mob squad of mobile food vendors that took over the parking lot of the Festival Plaza at Mile High. Some of the new trucks -- Route 40 Argentinian Grille, for example -- that were scheduled to post up, didn't, but there was certainly no shortage of grub, and while there were no beer vendors on site, the liquor store that resides in the strip mall sells plenty of brews (and booze) -- and happily hands out brown paper bags to conceal it.

For those of you who regularly whine about the long lines at the Justice League of Street Food bashes, there was no lines here -- none -- which made it all too easy to eat like heathens, which is exactly what we did, snapping photos along the way of the new carts, trailers, trucks (and one canopy) -- and the foodstuffs they dished out.