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Reader: Hideaway Steakhouse can't hide from its challenges

Opening chef Chris Cina is out at Hideaway Steakhouse, and the new chef will introduce a new menu on Monday.

But that may not be enough to save this spot, suggests Egotastic:

The sad part is that without Chef Cina that place would have never even made it this far. Hideaway is on its way out fast unless said "owners" start taking the "silent partner" position and let the people in the industry do what they do best.

And dancin doesn't dance around the subject, either:

Out of the way expensive restaurant in the suburbs offering nothing different or special than what you can get in Denver for about the same price. Run by non restaurant people. Mixed reviews giving impression of inconsistent service and food. Replacing chef within months of opening. Chances of surviving another year....

Seriously, why would anyone drop that kind of money here when you can do the same downtown and know you'll get an excellent meal and service?

Maybe because they live in the suburbs? Have you eaten at Hideaway Steakhouse? If so, post your thoughts below.