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Beau Simmons, exec chef of Jonesy's, on McNuggets, orgasms and bad-ass steel

Beau Simmons Jonesy's EatBar 400 East 20th Avenue 303-863-7473

This is part one of my interview with Beau Simmons, exec chef of Jonesy's EatBar. You can read part two of our chat tomorrow.

Beau Simmons stretches out in his garden, his face tickled by the leaves of his heirloom-tomato plants. He has 56 vegetable and herb plants sprouting in the back yard of Leigh Jones, the namesake and owner of Jonesy's EatBar, where Simmons is the executive chef. That's a job that's a long way from where his culinary career began. "I started washing blenders at a smoothie shop in Arvada when I was seventeen," recalls Simmons, "and I did a kickass job, so they promoted me to a manager position." He held that until the bagel shop next door wooed him away: "I was eighteen and they wanted to me to run it, plus they were giving me a thirty-cent raise. How could I refuse?"