Eating Adventures

Great Divide Brewery is a regular stop for mobile food vendors

What's better than a food-cart meal? A food-cart meal with booze. Realizing that it could capitalize on having snacks available alongside its brewed beer, the Great Divide tasting room, 2201 Arapahoe Street, has been inviting different mobile vendors around town to post up during the afternoon.

Those vendors pull into a fenced-off part of the brewery's property three or four days a week, from happy hour until whenever they want to leave. The Steuben's Food Truck makes regular Friday appearances, and Great Divide says 528˚ will return often on Saturdays. Gastro Cart, the Steamin' Demon and Pinche Tacos also come fairly regularly. But since Great Divide is pretty casual about the schedule, the vendors are casual about which days they'll be at the brewery, alerting fans to their presence with Facebook and Twitter.

We were at the tasting room over the weekend, and appreciated the symbiosis -- we're more likely to linger at a brewery's happy hour when food is involved, and we're more likely to order food when we can get alcohol, too. And we're not the only ones who feel that way; Great Divide says its happy hour numbers have jumped noticeably since the carts started showing up a couple of months ago.

And happily, Great Divide will also be providing beverage pairings for the Justice League of Street Food party on August 21. More details to come on that later this week.