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Jamie Oliver expanding fight against childhood obesity

British chef Jamie Oliver has spent the last several months working with kids to improve their choices with regard to nutrition, documenting his progress on ABC's Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.

Now he's won a $100,000 TED grant to combat childhood obesity, and his plan sounds like a good one.

Oliver is using a hands-on approach to tackle the problem, first by building community kitchens to educate kids. But he's also creating an anti-obesity online community that will give kids and their parents resources to make better choices when it comes to deciding what to eat. And he'll expand from there, into a fleet of food theater trucks -- traveling nutrition shows geared toward kids.

He's not going to do all of that out of the grant money, though. He'll use the grant to start the initial organization, which will continue to fund itself off of profits from a line of healthy foods.

Oliver is also asking the public for input, via this video.

Jamie Oliver Introduces the OpenIDEO Challenge / from IDEO on Vimeo.