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Read it and weep: Joseph's Southern Food is shuttered

From their tiny converted house in Park Hill, Joe Johnson and Rick Bousman knew how to make the hungry happy: Fry up a big batch of chicken, toss in a heap of smoky collard greens, maybe a scoop of mac-and-cheese, some coleslaw, a generous slab or two of peach cobbler and send you on your way with a Styrofoam box that weighed more than a fat newborn. That fried chicken, which garnered a Best of Denver award in 2005, was the kind of cluck, that with any luck, would feed families for as long as chickens squawked bawk bawk.

Or until Joseph's Southern Food, which Johnson and Bousman opened in 2005 (Bousman left in 2007) closed its doors. Or disconnected the phone. Or, in this case, both, since the front door of Joseph's is plastered with a "closed" sign and the phone number is no longer in service.

And that, fried chicken lovers, well and truly sucks.