Cafe Society

Guess where I'm chile?

Smother love: It's easy being green in Denver in September, when the smell of roasting chiles overrides the odor of exhaust along Federal Boulevard, and the green chile at your favorite Mexican joint carries the heat of the new harvest.

For the next several weeks, Cafe Society will feature some of our favorite green chiles. We started with Phil's Place, and continued through El Tejado, La Fiesta, Bonnie Brae Tavern, Benny's, Lola, Mezcal, Zingers, Senor Burrito's, Mexico City Lounge, La Loma, El Taco de Mexico, and Los Carboncitos.

Today's green chile is a multi-layered, deep and coaxing slow burn that hits all the high notes, whether it's lapped up by the bowl or ladled over chile rellenos and a seam-busting burrito.

Can you guess where I'm eating green chile?