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How many meals did I eat out in 2010 -- and how much did I spend? A whopping 508 meals and $17,879

Earlier this week, I posted a snap depicting an avalanche of restaurant receipts, all from meals that I'd eaten away from home in 2010. And I asked Cafe Society readers to guess exactly how many meals that amounted to, along with the total tab of those receipts.

No one got either answer correct, but one person was close, without going over, which was my rule.

That person is DG, who guessed that I consumed 489 restaurant meals, spending $15,612 along the way.

Here's the skinny on the fat: I ate 508 meals out last year and spent (gasp) $17,879. In other words, it was a banner year for my gut and my bank account.

DG, as the winner, your reward is an EatDenver Dining Deck, 52 cards, each offering a $10 discount at a local, independent restaurant that's a member of EatDenver (formerly DINR, the Denver Independent Network of Restaurants).

Send your contact info to [email protected], and we'll send you the prize.

Oh...and the restaurant I ate at most often? That was a tie between the Squeaky Bean and Tacos Y Salsas.

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