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Marco Ramirez, exec chef of The Palm, on life in a crazy-busy kitchen, the flood that almost drowned it, and how hard work and determination fulfilled his American dream

Marco Ramirez The Palm 1672 Lawrence Street 303-825-7256

This is part one of my interview with Marco Ramirez, executive chef of The Palm. Part two of that interview will run in this space tomorrow.

Marco Ramirez, a self-described "child of a poor farmer family" in El Salvador, was shooed out of the kitchen by his mother, who insisted that men, at least in that household, had no business in there. It was a scolding that Ramirez ignored. "My mom used to kick me out of the kitchen and tell me that I belonged somewhere else -- it's a Latino thing; men don't cook -- but I was always in the kitchen anyway, asking questions and wanting to know more," remembers Ramirez.