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Fifteen most annoying restaurant website mistakes: Please stop it

We ventured on to a local restaurant website recently, only to hear what had to be a MIDI file -- yes, the synthy, cheeseball music from the Internet of 1998 -- loudly playing in the background. Then we tried to click over the menu -- but first we had to download a PDF. Then the menu didn't include prices. Then we said "Screw it" and pointed our cursor to a different restaurant website.

When diners are hungry to find information on where to eat, the last thing they want to do is peruse your nephew's abortion of a web design project -- or, worse, something you actually paid someone real money to design. So with apologies to the Oatmeal, who apparently covered this gripe in hilarious, graphic detail, here is our hit list for restaurants with bad websites:

Please, stop doing these things.