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If you go to only one house to trick-or-treat this year, make it this one

A few nights ago, while searching for a parking spot near a South Broadway bar, I found myself slamming on my brakes when I saw a house on Cedar -- 61 West Cedar to be exact -- that was decked to the skulls and scarecrows with Halloween paraphernalia.

It was a little late -- 11 p.m. -- to start pounding on the door (and a little early for tricks), so I started snapping photos, and lo and behold, the flash tipped off the owner that someone was lurking. Turns out, the guy who owns the house is an artist, and every year, he spends months turning his home into an outdoor Halloween museum.

And while that house is a bona fide fright site, the owner is not. And if you go trick-or-treating to his house this year -- and you're a kid in a costume -- you get candy (Snicker bars and such), along with movie passes or posters and toys. But here's the really cool part: Adults get beer!!!!!!!!

More scary photos follow....