The ten best dive bars in Denver -- Summer 2014 edition

Are Denver's dives an endangered species? Over the past year, dives featured on our 2013 list of the dozen best dive bars in Denver have lost their divey status or disappeared altogether. The latest casualty is the Thunderbird Lounge, which just closed in east Denver; the owners of the property, Larimer Associates, are deciding what to do with its strip-mall location. Another favorite, the Hill-Top, was transformed into Rocky Top Tavern -- a perfectly fine place, but not a dive. And last summer the Squirewas renovated almost beyond recognition --- and certainly beyond dive status. Fortunately, there are still dives where we're happy to belly up to the bar. Here, in no particular order (until our Best of Denver winners at the end), are the metro area's ten best dive bars -- including one twofer. See also: Rocky Top Tavern opens in former Hill-Top