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Reader: It was fun having a local whiskey while it lasted

Was Stranahan's the punk rock of whiskey? That was the question posed by Sean Kenyon yesterday, in the first of his several-part series on the sale of Stranahan's late last year -- and the recent departure of head distiller Jake Norris from the company.

That news inspired this response from SmokingLoon:

In business, as in bars, it is often more important to watch what people are doing rather than listen to what they are saying.

Added barrfly2:

Well put and great article! I have supported them since the beginning and poured many a free shot to customers for the cause on their behalf. Sad because it can only change for the worse now that true greed has most likely has taken over. They will make and sell more whiskey though. Business is business; I agree.

It was fun having a local whiskey while it lasted.

Watch for Sean Kenyon's interview with Jake Norris on Cafe Society later today.