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New Relaxing Tea follows in the footsteps of Mary Jane

The soda jerk who brought us Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda has taken his love for kava to the next level of mixology and given us...the Relaxing Tea.

"It's a move away from carbonated drinks," says Matt Moody, CEO of the Relaxing Company Inc. "Tea is a hot market, and the two trends right now are tea and relaxation, so why not jump on both?"

Like Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda, the Relaxing Tea draws its relaxing power from the kava root. A blend of decaffeinated (of course) black and green teas, the new drink has considerably less sugar per serving than its sister Mary.

"We're excited to have a healthy, relaxing drink," Moody says, adding that they've been working on the right mixture since October.

The Relaxing Company recently moved operations from Denver to California, where distribution is easier, but a few employees still work here -- and Moody hopes to have widespread distribution of his beverages here soon. "Denver has taken a lot longer for us to establish," he says, "but we are working with a Denver distributor that will hopefully increase our exposure in Denver convenience stores and restaurants."

By the end of the month, the Relaxing Company should have its products in 25 states, including Colorado. And it will also break into the international market, with distribution in Brazil and Fiji.

"Kava goes home," Moody jokes. He wishes he could do the same, he says: The Golden State is "definitely not Colorado, especially with summer coming up. I miss it."

For now, Denverites can get the new tea online; Mary Jane's Relaxing Soda is also available at the 7-Eleven at 2609 Federal Boulevard.