Prima and Restaurant Kevin Taylor are gone, but Palettes remains

Kevin Taylor Restaurant Group made headlines when two of its best-known properties, Restaurant Kevin Taylor and Prima Ristorante, shuttered this spring -- Kevin Taylor at the end of March, Prima just two weeks ago. Both were fixtures in the Hotel Teatro, which is undergoing a multimillion-dollar renovation and is scheduled to reopen this summer with a new concept called the Nickel, spearheaded by restaurateur Jake Linzinmeir. See also: Hotel Teatro taps chef Jake Linzinmeir to spearhead the Nickel, its new restaurant

But even though Taylor's name isn't quite so easy to find at restaurants these days, his culinary stamp can still be felt around town, including at Palettes, which opened inside the Denver Art Museum in 1997 and nabbed Westword's best new restaurant award a year later.

Find out if Palettes is still putting out food that's as inspired as the art around it when my review is posted here tomorrow.